The New Old Home

Rediscovering the home as a production frontier

The Yak Collective’s second report, The New Old Home, offers 22 perspectives built around Pamela Hobart’s central thesis: as work returns to the home in the form of remote work opportunities (a trend now dramatically accelerated by pandemic circumstances), we can turn to historical modes of integrated living, reconsidered in light of newer technology, to guide our attempts at co-located life and work.

Many of our contributors are balancing the needs of our children, our parents and grandparents, our partners, and ourselves as we adapt to this unprecedented situation. We offer our ideas freely in the hope that they might help us to design a better future for our homes and families.

The Yak Wisdom Project

This deck is the second in a series of studies the Yak Collective is undertaking over the coming months. If you find this report interesting, be sure to check out our first, Don’t Waste the Reboot. We aim to generate a body of Covid-19 reboot intelligence that is fundamentally different from anything you might see anywhere else, not just in terms of content, but in terms of the process of getting to it.

Let the Yak Collective Guide Your Reboot

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Like a lot of what you see? Contact Pamela Hobart to loop The Yak Collective into your reboot efforts. We will assemble the right small team and set of ideas to work with you, in whatever way is most effective. It might be a study or report. It might be facilitating a workshop or series of conversations for your executive team. Or it might just be an ongoing conversation with one or more of us.

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Additional Credits

Project illustrations courtesy Jodi Lynn Burton.