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Anne-Laure Le Cunff

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: The Illusion of Productivity: Why We Are Addicted to Busyness
: The Reading Mind: Surprising Science-Based Benefits of Reading Everyday
: Human Curiosity in the Age of AI
: Intentional Curiosity: Get your Brain to Focus on What Matters
: Rediscovering Ikigai: What We Got Wrong and How to Find Meaning in Life
: The Curiosity Conflict: Why we Struggle to Shift from Exploration to Exploitation
: How to Build a Better Writing Habit
: Timeshielding: How to Do the Things you Actually Want to Do
: The Alchemy of Generative Questions
: Free-Floating Anxiety: When You Feel Anxious for No Apparent Reason
: The Curiosity Matrix: 9 Habits of Curious Minds
: The Curiosity Matrix: 9 Habits of Curious Minds
: The Psychology of Camera Confidence
: Announcing the Winners of the Experimental Grants
: Curiosity Attractors: The Diffuse Obsessions that Shape our Lives
: How to deal with negative emotional triggers
: The Power of Personal Experiments


: The Science of Learning to Let Go
: Neuroenergetics: The Brain’s Energy Budgeting System
: Think with AI: How to Use a Custom GPT as a Thinking Partner
: Tutorial: How to Build a Custom GPT with OpenAI’s GPT Builder
: 2023 Year in Review: Of Ambition and Aliveness
: The science of decision-making: why smart people do dumb things
: How to better remember what you read
: Escape the Algorithm
: Building your mental gym
: The Science of Brainstorming: How to Effectively Generate New Ideas
: Some hard truths about soft skills
: Design Better Habits, Routines, and Rituals with the Intentionality Curve
: Is it burnout or boreout?
: Writing is a thinking tool
: Self-Anthropology: Become your own anthropologist with personal field notes
: You Don’t Need to Choose
: Interoceptive Journaling
: Interoception: The hidden ‘sixth sense’
: Mindful context switching: multitasking for humans
: Stop looking for The One: The Inverted Pyramid of Life
: Turning Fear of Failure into Increments of Curiosity
: The false promise of the 10,000 hour rule


: 2022 year in review: wander and wonder
: Deliberate doubt: the art of questioning our assumptions
: Reopening the mind: how cognitive closure kills creative thinking
: Connect all your workflows with Michael Dubakov, CEO of Fibery
: The Uncertain Mind: How the Brain Handles the Unknown
: AI and I: The Age of Artificial Creativity
: Use timeboxing to regain calmness and control with Marie Ng, founder of Llama Life
: The default effect: why we renounce our ability to choose
: Everything is aiming: forget the target and focus on your aim
: Bridging chaos and coordination with Cara Borenstein, co-founder of Stashpad
: Getting everyone on the same page with Michael Villar, founder of Height
: How to turn problems into a curiosity engine
: Chaos surfing: from surviving to thriving in chaotic times
: Building thoughtful communities with Sid Yadav, co-founder of Circle
: From inspiration to idea sex: how to generate ideas on demand
: Metacognition: the mind’s Swiss Army knife
: Building an infopunk’s digital garden with Ida Josefiina, co-founder of Sane
: Liminal Creativity
: Creative aliveness: turning life into a creative adventure
: Creating scalable knowledge spaces with Heiko Haller, co-founder of Infinity Maps
: Unshackling knowledge management with Samiur Rahman, co-founder of Heyday
: Cognitive bottlenecks: the inherent limits of the thinking mind
: How to access paywalled research papers without institutional access
: Get smarter everyday with Vladimir Oane, founder of Deepstash
: Building an extension of your mind with Tobias van Schneider, co-founder of mymind
: Planning your intentions and ambitions with Ashutosh Priyadarshy, founder of Sunsama
: Self-organized knowledge management with George Levin, CEO of Hints
: Control your time to free your mind with Nunzio Martinello, founder of Akiflow
: Weak arguments and how to spot them
: The TEA framework of productivity: managing your time, energy, and attention
: Unlocking the power of less with Francesco D’Alessio, creator of Bento
: How to design a sustainable workplace at home and in the office
: Building your digital legacy with Kazuki Nakayashiki, co-founder of Glasp
: Making time for what matters with the co-founders of Agenda
: What is neurodiversity?
: Productivity addiction: when we become obsessed with productivity
: How to become a brain myth buster
: Creating your web of knowledge with Scrintal
: Creating the perfect hybrid work space with Craig Doig, co-founder of Markee
: Scaling peer-to-peer learning with Jennifer Smith, founder of Scribe
: Nurturing thoughtful relationships with the co-founders of Clay
: Augmenting product work with Rishank Pandey, co-founder of Workduck
: Exploring the power of augmented intentionality with Welf von Hören, founder of Potential
: Fostering authentic relationships in distributed teams with the co-founder of Remotion
: From knowledge-management to knowledge-creation with the founders of RemNote
: The art and science of abstract thinking
: Attentional bias: the invisible puppeteer behind our decisions
: Become more calm and conscious with Kai Koch, co-founder of Ahead


: 2021 year in review: making friends with fear
: Designing a better reading experience with Ben Springwater, co-founder of Matter
: Redefining knowledge management with Kevin Lin, founder of Dendron
: How to measure meaning in life
: Living and working outside your inbox with the co-founder of Mailman
: Building a social knowledge base with Dmitriy Fabrikant, founder of Knovigator
: Take control over your smartphone usage with Jorn Rigter, co-founder of Unpluq
: Making the most of your memories with Suman Kanuganti, CEO of
: An introduction to applied neuroscience
: How to manage “Can I pick your brain?” requests
: Get the most out of what you read with Daniel Doyon, co-founder of Readwise
: The forgetting curve: the science of how fast we forget
: Understand your brain patterns with Ariel Garten, founder of Muse
: Distance learning, e-learning, online learning, or virtual learning?
: Solving the biggest productivity bottleneck with Richie Bonilla, co-founder of Clarity
: How to improve your relationship with your phone
: Focus, relax, and sleep with Endel
: Reducing information anxiety with the founder of Joggo
: Building a latticework of mental models with ModelThinkers
: The MoSCoW method of prioritization
: Emotional exhaustion: a leading indicator of burnout
: Eliminating bias in online education with the founder of Learnopoly
: Exploring the power of note-making with the co-founder of Obsidian
: Building a swarm of thoughts with the founders of Napkin
: How to quantify our focus with the founder of Rize
: The rise of fake scientists
: Is there a perfect productivity system?
: Protected: Taking back control of our time with the co-founder of Hera
: The willpower paradox: when confident self-talk becomes counterproductive
: Building a knowledge garden with Kosmik
: Not-to-do list: a conscious way to break bad habits
: The psychology of revenge bedtime procrastination
: An ode to slowness: the benefits of slowing down
: Building a healthier internet with Jeremy Hurst, co-founder of Idenati
: Should we really focus on one thing at a time?
: Negative capability: how to embrace intellectual uncertainty
: Procrastination triggers: eight reasons why you procrastinate
: The Praise Paradox: when well-​intended words backfire
: The framing effect: how the way information is framed impacts our decisions
: Hotkeys: how to customize your shortcuts in Roam Research
: Building an infinite canvas for your thoughts with Julia Pierce, Director at Scapple
: Decision fatigue: how a burden of choices leads to irrational trade-offs
: Exploring the power of mind mapping with Michael Hollauf, co-founder of Meister
: The Seven Sins of Memory
: Egocentric bias: why we feel like the main character in our own movie
: Roam versus Notion: which one is best for you?
: Unbounded learning: how to unshackle your education
: Learning through your ears with Yehoshua Zlotogorski, founder of Alpe Audio
: Declinism: how rosy retrospection impacts decision-making
: Are you a taker, a giver, or a matcher?
: The Barnum Effect: why we love astrology and personality tests
: Write things down and get them done with Amplenote
: Taste: why we like what we like
: 90 journaling prompts to spark new personal insights
: Free your thoughts with the founders of Supernotes
: The power of simplicity: how to manage our complexity bias
: Musturbation: the irrational demand for perfection
: The three types of burnout
: The mindful productivity audit: 10 questions to improve your well-being at work
: Building the world’s most customizable workspace with Ivan Zhao, co-founder of Notion
: The fallacy of “what gets measured gets managed”
: When to use pages, tags, or attributes in Roam Research?
: Anxious for no apparent reason? It may be time to press “reset”
: The educational and economic necessity of lifelong learning
: The problem with work-life balance
: The Semmelweis Reflex: when current beliefs trump new knowledge
: The ambidextrous mindset: how to balance exploration and exploitation
: Nootropics, adaptogens, brain foods… What the heck is going on?
: The Diderot Effect: why we buy things we don’t need
: 9 useful templates for Roam Research
: Sophrosyne: the art of mindful moderation
: Navigating the mind: 40 major fields of psychology and neuroscience
: The benefits of stretching: why your body needs to move
: The Nirvana fallacy: when perfectionism leads to unrealistic solutions
: Why do we need to be right?
: Jootsing: the art of jumping out of the system
: Behind the scenes: how to start a website as an online creator
: Creative burnout: when the creativity tap runs dry
: Overcoming learned helplessness
: Emotional fitness and leadership with Dr. Emily Anhalt
: From note-taking to note-making
: Creating habits: how long does it take to form a habit?
: 5 thinking tools to add to your metacognitive toolbox
: Scaling down: on seeking fewer goals, relationships, and experiences
: The butterfly effect: the impact of deterministic chaos on our lives
: How to use templates in Roam Research [[roam/templates]]


: 2020 year in review: chaos and community
: Activation energy: the chemistry of getting started
: Holiday gift guide for the curious minds
: Curiosity and consistency: thoughts on growing a newsletter
: Selective ignorance: cultivating intentional knowledge in a chaotic world
: The difference between efficacy, effectiveness and efficiency
: The benefits of laziness: why being a lazy person can be good for you
: JavaScript plugins for Roam Research [[roam/js]]
: High-leverage activities: how to identify your energy multipliers
: Textual maps and the future of text
: Productivity and permaculture with Marie Poulin
: Inductive versus deductive reasoning: how to make stronger arguments
: How to upload and play audio files in Roam Research
: Lethologica: what happens when a word is on the tip of the tongue
: Memory bias: how selective recall can impact your memories
: Exaggeration: why we make a mountain out of a molehill
: Altered states of consciousness: the elusiveness of the mind
: Interview: Building an anti-regret machine with Tyler Bryden
: How to take notes while reading a book
: Personal values: how knowing yourself can guide your actions
: Interview: Using books to navigate life with Juvoni Beckford
: Building an antilibrary: the power of unread books
: Hindsight bias: the knew-it-all-along phenomenon
: Interview: Collective intelligence with Alexandra Elbakyan
: The state of personal knowledge management
: The hermeneutic circle: a key to critical reading
: Jumping to conclusions: the inference-observation confusion
: Connected Papers: a visual tool for academic research
: Survivorship bias: when failure gets forgotten
: Time is not a measure of productivity
: How to practice nuanced thinking
: The collective brain: where does innovation come from?
: The best CSS themes for Roam Research
: Semantic traps: why vague words are risky
: How to build diagrams in Roam Research
: The power of flexible consistency
: Negativity bias: how negative experiences cloud our judgement
: Networked thinking: a quiet cognitive revolution
: How to think better
: The science of deliberate practice
: How to set up your own digital garden
: The two sides of stress: distress and eustress
: The only numbers that matter
: Pressure and procrastination
: The empathy gap: why we underestimate the influence of emotions
: Structured distraction: how to make the most of your breaks at work
: Idea evaluation: the other side of the creativity coin
: From productivity porn to mindful productivity
: The planning fallacy: why we underestimate how long a task will take
: How to choose the right note-taking app
: Systematic inventive thinking: the power of thinking inside the box
: The mindful productivity guide to intermittent fasting
: Constructive criticism: how to give and receive feedback
: Pre-mortem: how to anticipate failure with prospective hindsight
: How to take a replenishing vacation (or staycation)
: The rational benefits of emotions
: How to evaluate the validity and reliability of your mental models
: GPT-3 and the future of human productivity
: Temporal discounting: the battle between present and future self
: From closed mind to open mind
: The Dunning–Kruger effect: you don’t know what you don’t know
: Investing into the unknown with Lawrence Yeo
: Managing risk with the NASA Risk Matrix
: Fail like a scientist
: 50 lessons I learned from writing 50 newsletters
: Inner child and inner critic: a battle for creativity
: Quote the web with Quotebacks
: Creative challenges with Alyssa X
: Creating calm: how to manage stress
: From inspiration to idea sex: how to generate ideas on demand
: The power of the weekly review
: The art and science of mind wandering
: Browser extensions for Roam Research
: From mental map to mental atlas
: As we may die
: Roam themes: how to style Roam Research with custom CSS
: Mental wealth: managing you mental health budget
: Productive cognitive load: make the most of your working memory
: Thinking in maps: from the Lascaux caves to modern knowledge graphs
: How to build a support group
: Collectors to Creators Meetup Notes
: The anatomy of a perfect educational article
: The Goldilocks Principle of Stress and Anxiety
: Mindful productivity and neuroscience
: Connectedness and complex systems with Dr John L. Collins
: Dr John L. Collins Biography
: How to take smart notes
: Writing as a thinking tool