Pamela Hobart

Pamela Hobart

Philosopher, Mother of 3 Currently: The Life Coach for Smart People

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: Facing Cringey Reasons
: If You’re So Smart, Why Can’t You Take Your Own Advice?


: “I’m Surprised You Got This Far” : Annual Review 2021
: Accountability as Shared Attention
: Internal Family Systems Basics
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: If You're So Smart, Then Why Do You Feel Behind At Life?
: If You're So Smart, Then Why Do You Let Decisions Hang Over Your Head?
: Planning Is Not Mandatory
: The Meatbody Effect
: Eat the Cheese Plate
: Would It Be Good For You To "Think Less" ?
: Conversations Don’t Transform You, Life Does
: Don't Look on the Bright Side
: Don't Look on the Bright Side
: The Sneaky Subjunctive
: Annual Review 2020


: 35th
: 35th
: Don't "Clarify" Your Values
: Meaning in Life is Not Propositional
: Timebox Your Existential Issues
: Second-Best Solutions
: Stupid Problems, Stupid Solutions
: Questioning Therapy's Perpetual Present
: Painfully Tiny Goals
: Is Productivity an Ethical Issue?
: How to De-Instrumentalize Time
: The Existential Sandwich
: Nothing is "Beyond" Self-Improvement
: Lockdown in NYC made me want to kill myself, so I had to leave
: Sorry, change of office hours!
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